Staff and Committees


Prof. Santiago Sánchez-Beitia (Program Director) by UPV/EHU, 

Prof. Izaskun Aseginolaza by UPV/EHU

Prof. Paolo Mellano by POLITO and 

Prof. Jurate Kamicaityte by KTU

The Academic Committee 

It will be composed by the Programme Director and the Coordinator Professor of each partner being the responsible for all the general management issues related with ARURCOHE. The Academic Committee will meet in person at the beginning and end of each Block, and will be continuously connected through telematics systems. More specifically, the functions of the Academic Committee, chaired by the Programme Dirtector, are the following:
1.- Selection of candidates;
2.- Monitoring of the functioning of the Master and of compliance with the Consortium Agreement;
3.- Grouping the students in work teams (maximum three students) of different levels and geographic origin;
4.- Establishing cooperation agreements with external players to facilitate the future employability of the graduates;
5.- Providing support in line with the legislation of each country, generating spin-offs or start-ups proposed by the students in the last phase of each edition of ARURCOHE;
6.- Selection of the Examination Committees (three teams with three teachers, each one with different interdisciplinary experience) for the Master Dissertation;
7.- Management of Quality Plan;
8.- Preparation of the Examination Rules according to the regulations of local administrations.
9.- To define the role and participation of the external contributions

All decisions shall be approved with the vote of at least two representatives of two official partners.

Members of the Academic Committee:

Prof. Paolo Mellano by POLITO 

Prof. Jurate Kamicaityte by KTUFCEA 

Prof. Izaskun Aseginolaza by UPV/EHU (ETSASS) on behalf of
Prof. Santiago Sánchez-Beitia (Program Director) by UPV/EHU (ETSASS)

The Mobility Committee

It is made up of one professor from each partner. The members of the Mobility Committee will be in constant contact with each other. The functions of the Mobility Committee, chaired by ETSASS, acting by delegation of the Academic Committee, are the following:

1.- Management of professors' mobility of each partner, together with the main partner (ETSASS)

2.- Management of students' mobility together with the administrative staff of each partner and together with the main partner .

Members of the Mobility Committee: 

Ana Azpiri Albistegui (UPV/EHU, ETSASS)

Jurate Ivanauskiene (KTUFCEA) 

Antonietta Cerrato (POLITO)

The Student's Committee 

It consists of two students (one by Path in Master Dissertation) elected among them and one graduate of previous editions. The Student Committee role is to involve students in the organization of the EMJMD. The Committeee will be a part of the meetings of both the Academic Committee and the Mobility Committee. The Advisor Committee will contact with the Students Committee in order to agree the continuous modifications if necessary.

Member´s name will be published on October 2023. 

The Advisor Committee 

It will be formed of three Academic Advisors (can be external to the partners) appointed by consensus within the Consortium. The Committee will analyze the content of the Subjects on a continuous basis, check their suitability and propose any possible modifications to the Academic Committee, depending on the technical and scientific advances or social needs that arise in the activities of ARURCOHE. The roles of the three Academic Advisors ensure that ARURCOHE has an updated relationship with the academic world and society in general.

Next weeks the member´s name will be published.